*PORTFOLIO OR any neat clean smily mobile pictures with your details are your resume 
*First step to get selected is pictures, so you have to give 100% for that..
*Details should be clear like name, age, height, location and work experience links if any and introduction and past audition links .
* Do not whtsapp direct videos to anyone, always upload on your YouTube channel or Instagram first then share links
* Introduction video link is must, if you are above 5yr old.. Neat clean smily  video without contact number and mention screen age 
* Always record videos when you go on the shoots, which you can use as work experience link or for promotion 
* If your ad is released then upload final video on your personal channel and use the link 
* Keep updating your pictures and activity videos for faster response and upload the same on your social accounts 
*Whenever you click new pictures , get dress properly , be ready then only shoot…You can use mobile clicks as well but it has to be neat clean and smily with confidence and energy 
* Due to online promotion process everything except shoot you can manage from phone on whtsapp…Look test , audition and meetings you can manage from phone itself, you don’t need to travel anyones office for anything, just leave your house only on the day of shoot 
* All above points are important to make a good impression on final selector and which will help you to reach out your target faster..
* So work on your qualities and USPs everyday to improve strength of your resume..