*Now a days no need to go physically to meet or go to anyones office for meeting, audition or look test..Be careful if anyone ask you to come to office..
Location wont be an issue anymore, you can try for all opportunities from any state or from any city..
*Most of the Agencies who call you at office, are having there personal agendas, like they will force you to make portfolios or  artist card, which is wrong.
* You just need to whtsapp or mail best pictures (professional  or good mobile clicks ) to all contacts, which we provide on daily basis   
*Pictures must be neat, clean, clear, with full energy and smile
*Always record best activity videos of your kid and upload on youtube or instagram..
do not send direct videos.
*If any client like your kid on the basis of pictures then they would ask you to recored normal mobile video and send it to them, just to check how active your kid is and to check latest look of the kid..
*Always share insta or youtube links of activity videos (matching with latest look)
*Once your kid gets finalised then you will be informed about shoot date,time,location and budget 

*Once you confirm, then only you get block for the shoot

*You need to travel only on the shoot date

*This is how genuine casting takes place, you will always keep us posted about all the responses you receive, so we can guide you properly 

*If client has good budget then they will pay you for your travel, food and stay along with shoot per day money

*Competition is between pictures now, so pictures has to be the best..If not professional then best mobile clicks 

*Through promotion process we will help you to achieve your dream with daily assistance and right information.. 

*Parents fail due to lack of industry knowledge and support but with the help of Mumbai Dreams promotion process, its easy to promote your kid and save yourself from fake and fraud agencies..